About Us

Who can take a sunrise? Sprinkle it with dew? Cover it with lollipops and a miracle or two? I Love Lollipops, that’s who!

The only thing we love more than the lollipops we sell is the smile they put on your face.

Be it for your wedding day, your colleagues at work, a kids party or for a charity fundraider, I Love Lollipops is Australia’s most loved lollipop supplier.

We supply some of Australia’s most well know caterers and candy buffet companies and some of the world’s best known brands knock on our door when they need a little more lollipop love.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose I Love Lollipops

  1. Our lollipops taste delicious – the funny thing about a lollipop is that at first when you look at it you think, “I might tackle that later.” But then you decide to just give it a lick. And one lick becomes two, becomes 10, becomes 50. The next thing you know, you’re staring out the window reminiscing about growing up, good times with friends, your first kiss and all other kinds of fond memories. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our lollipops possess magical powers.
  2. We deliver fast, Ninja-fast – Shop around, forget that our rivals’ prices don’t compare or their quality is a patch on ours. Most of them will tell you to allow 10-14 days for delivery. 2 weeks??? We could buy a flight to Tropical North Queensland, go and harvest the sugar cane, have a Sunday roast with the farmer’s wife, head down to the Gold Coast for a pina colada, fly back to the warehouse, break down the sugar cane, refine the sugar and have your lollipops made and still have a week to sit around and talk about the experience! For our standard lines, we dispatch same day.
  3. You’re buying wholesale – You’ll see our rivals are charging $3-$4 for a lollipop which is fine if you want to buy one or two lollipops, but what about the rest of us sugar fiends who like our lollipops in bulk?! We charge half that price because we buy our lollipops in bulk and pass the savings on to you.
  4. Our management are all Virgos – if there is one industry a Virgo should be involved in, it’s food handling and dispatch. We’re perfectionists, we love order, EVERYTHING MUST GO ACCORDING TO PLAN!!!! Some say that our weakness is that we are fussy. Well we think that’s a STRENGTH! Of course, that benefits the rest of you signs as you lead your crazy, chaotic, adorably happy lives.
  5. We’re Australian – Like vegemite and Holden cars, but just a little but sweeter, all our products are manufactured in Australia (with only a few exceptions).