Fancy a breast milk lollipop?

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An American sweet company specialises in creating bizarre lollipop flavours, including breast milk, bacon and blue cheese.

It's official: anything and everything is possible in the world of food, and that includes breast milk-flavoured lollipops.

American "gourmet lollipop" company Lollyphile sell a bizarre range of lollipop flavours, including ones that taste like mothers' milk.

Owner Jason Darling said he knew he needed to capture the flavour of breast milk once it dawned on him that his friends were producing milk "so delicious it could turn a screaming, furious child into a docile, contented one".

"It's sad that so few people are able to remember this inherently wonderful flavor. It's a real shame that babies are so selfish, but you'll understand their unwillingness to share once you try one of these."

Thankfully, actual breast milk isn't used in the creation of the oddly-flavoured lollipops. The website assures potential buyers that the sweets are vegan, adding "Can you imagine an army of pumping mothers?"

The sweets are produced by using differing quantities of corn syrup, sugar and other "natural flavours", to recreate the flavour of breast milk.

If you'd rather the taste of breast milk stay a distant memory, Lollyphile sells an array of other bizarre flavours including blue cheese, chocolate bacon, wasabi ginger, and tequila.

Its best seller is an absinthe-flavoured lollipop which it calls "the ultimate party favour".

With such a strange mix of flavours available, you'd think nothing was out of bounds for the brand - but there is, apparently, a line they won't cross. When asked if he'd consider a chicken flavoured lollipop, Darling responded with: "People have been asking us for years. I just can't let myself make a chicken candy."