Custom Lollipops

I Love Lollipops has a massive range of custom lollipops that can cater for any occasion. We offer a personalised sticker on our 8cm swirly whirly lollipops to create custom lollipops that add that unique touch you’re after! You can purchase these at our extremely competitive, low price. There are plenty of designs on our website which you can choose from, or you can send through your own artwork if you prefer for absolutely no additional charge.

Promote Your Brand With Custom Lollipops

Custom Lollipops are a sweet way to promote and sell your brand. With our customised stickers we can use your logo, your company slogan or any promotional material to create an amazing corporate lollipop (with help from our amazing graphic designer). Your customers, clients and colleagues will go crazy for these custom lollipops as they look as good as they taste. Have them in your office to pass on to your clients as a sweet little treat!

Custom Lollipops To Suite Birthdays, Weddings , Christenings, Corproate Events & More

Whether it be a birthday, wedding or christening, our custom lollipops are perfect to brighten up your event and add a fun and exciting touch! There are so many gorgeous colours to choose from and loads of custom lollipop sticker designs available in our online library for you to browse through. All of our lollipops are made with love, as they are hand-made and they are absolutely delicious in a sweet raspberry flavor!

Our custom lollipops are also wonderful to use as favours to show your family and friends that you appreciate them attending your event! And even better… our graphic designer can add your guests names to each of your custom lollipops. All you need to do is send through your guest list and we’ll do the work for you. Your guests will feel so loved!